Work differently to be more efficient

Your company seminar in Uriage, at the gateway to Grenoble (Isère, France)

Are you looking for a destination for your next business event: company seminar, team-building to motivate your teams, work meeting, training, etc.?

The spa and tourist professionals in Uriage near to Grenoble (Isère, France), have come together to offer you bespoke events. Whether it is within the thermal park, at the foot of the mountains, or in an absolutely peaceful and quiet area, your teams will take advantage of the requisite know-how and expertise for their work meetings and sessions.

One foot in the city, the other on the peaks

A unique setting for your seminar in Uriage, located 15 minutes from Grenoble: A spa town surrounded by period architecture and lush greenery at the foot of the French Alps.

Your business seminar in Uriage, at the gateway to Grenoble, (Isère, France)

Three facilities can accommodate your teams and offer tailored solutions based on their amenities and features :

Meeting rooms
And much more …


  • 3 salles de séminaires
    (partenariat avec le casino Joa)
  • 38 chambres d’hôtels
  • Restaurant la Table d’Uriage
  • Bar lounge
  • Spa Thermal d’Uriage
  • Salle de sport


  • Une salle de séminaire et une salle de réunion
  • 5 chambres d’hôte
  • 2 restaurants :
    restaurant gastronomique
    Café A
  • Service traiteur


  • 1 salle de séminaire
  • 28 chambres d’hôtels et une suite
  • Restaurant
  • Grand parc de 7 000m2
  • Piscine

A broad variety of leisure activities for a successful event

Uriage offers you a wealth of activities during your business seminar, to entertain or to challenge your employees: skiing, snow shoe trekking, mountain excursions (mountain biking, hiking, etc.), introduction to golfing or tennis, casino and wellbeing.

Uriage, the next destination for your business event ?