A spa getaway to take care of yourself

Your spa treatment in Uriage-les-Bains

Uriage is tucked away in the French Alps, at an altitude of 420 m, in a lush green setting 10 km from Grenoble. With its pleasant climate and delightful scenery, Uriage is an ideal venue for therapeutic and relaxing trips for the entire family !

When you book a treatment at the Uriage Spa treatment centre, you will enjoy the wonderful benefits of the Uriage thermal water with unique properties and source as it contains sulphide, chloride and salt.

Contact the spa treatment centre at +33 (0)4 76 89 10 17.


The 2024 season will restart from April 1st to December 07.

Thermal baths

Uriage has been well known since the Roman era, due to the healing properties of its waters and its prime location. The town offers two facilities that are entirely dedicated to your wellbeing :

Two types of treatments to stay fit

Spa treatment

21 days with a medical prescription, covered by social security

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Mini therapy

6 to 12 days with no medical prescription, but which is not covered by social security

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The spa treatment package

Établissement Thermal d’Uriage welcomes patients for 21-day stays. It offers hydromassage baths, filiform showers, mud applications and massages. This individually tailored care is provided in 3 therapeutic indications :

Please be informed that the Uriage spa town is introducing two patient education programmes in relation to eczema and psoriasis. Interested patients can take part in a tailored programme that addresses all aspects of their illness. They will learn via workshops and discussions on how best to manage their symptoms and live with their illness.

As well as WORKSHOPS on 6 days without accommodation at 285€/ people = 24 Spa treatments in the mornings/ access to the relaxation area of the SPA & 5 workshops :

  • RE-SOURCE = post cancer
  • EAUXYZEN = burn out/ stress or life imbalance due to health crisis

Organise your spa treatment


Have your attending physician prescribe your treatment: your physician will give you an “application for assumption of responsibility for medical expenses” form (demande de prise en charge) to be sent to the Health Insurance Fund as quickly as possible (average reply timeframe of 3 weeks).


Book your accommodation if necessary. The list of accommodation is available on our website and in our accommodation guide.

To come to Uriage from Grenoble or Gières, find the bus lines here.


Book your treatment by downloading the form and sending it to Établissement Thermal d’Uriage along with a deposit cheque (or by calling +33 (0)4 76 89 10 17). You will be given preference if you already have your accommodation !


Finalise your registration with the treatment centre, as soon as you receive acceptance from the Health Insurance Fund for coverage of your treatment expenses.


Make an appointment with your spa physician approximately one month before your arrival for treatment.

During your spa treatment

Once on site, you will have a few administrative formalities to complete and you can fully take advantage of your treatment in order to get back in shape. To learn more about your stay during your spa treatment, click here.


The mini-therapy (6 to 12 days) allows you to freely enjoy the benefits of the thermal water. This stay is not covered by social security, and therefore you do not need to take any steps with the Health Insurance Fund. However, you must consult your physician.